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What is Animated Video Production Service?

Animation can connect you with your audience in a fun, emotional, and eye-catching way. It can also be a great tool for getting across instructions or information clearly and effectively. Animation can also be used to seriously enhance a traditional video and can easily make the impossible possible. The beauty of an animated video is that you can take your audience anywhere you want. You can show your customers how your product functions, create spellbinding graphics to show how your service can boost productivity, or create a memorable on-screen character. 

Nothing sticks in the memory like a bold and beautiful animation. Explainer videos are just the beginning. Whether your metric for success is sales, increased conversion, or brand awareness – we’ll work tirelessly to set you up for success and see it through. Now you can wow your clients with a striking and spectacular visual feat that will leave a lasting impression.

We produce inspiring, inventive explainer videos focused on your business goals that fit perfectly with your existing company branding. Our award-winning team of animators loves to push the limits and stamp their flair on all the videos we make. We use a team of animators with their unique skills and styles to create everything from animated logos, motion graphics, and presentation of statistics, to fully animated short films. If you want a sketchy, hand-drawn animation full of heartfelt emotion – we’ve got it. Sterling, sleek, and shiny computer graphics? Say no more.

There are other companies out there producing animations right now, but we know that we can do a better job. Some people have a way with words, we have a way with images. Not only that, but we also have an unrivaled staff of animators from all styles and backgrounds working for us. We can pick out an animator to work on your project who can give you exactly what you want (and make it look good.)

Having an animated video online can help your site rank higher on Google, make a lasting impression on your clients, attract more customers and place your brand firmly at the front of peoples’ minds. Animation lets you do this with unrivaled possibilities, so let us help you do business. If a picture can say a thousand words… imagine what the will video do for you. Get in touch with PACEWALK to boost up your business.

Stop relying upon ad campaigns that people ignore. Commission an original, eye-catching animated video that shows what your business is really about. Get under your audience’s skin, into their minds, provoke a response, generate leads, and make conversions. Our animators are amongst the best in the industry and no one comes near to us where creativity and quality are concerned. Our animated videos are bold, brave, awareness-raising, and educational. We love telling stories through stunning animation. Let us tell your story! Don’t explain your products or services in long-winded documents. Present a vast amount of information with the help of our professional video services in just a few minutes.

Not Any Hidden Charge
Choose Your Pricing Plan

30 Second Explainer

  • High-Converting Script
  • Professional Studio Voice Over
  • 30 Second Motion Graphic Animation
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • 2 Free Rounds Of Visual Revisions

60 Second Explainer

  • High-Converting Script
  • Professional Studio Voice Over
  • 60 Second Motion Graphic Animation
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • 2 Free Rounds Of Visual Revisions
  • High-Definition 1080p Video

90 Second Explainer

  • High-Converting Script
  • Professional Studio Voice Over
  • 90 Second Motion Graphic Animation
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • 2 Free Rounds Of Visual Revisions
  • High-Definition 1080p Video

Delux Explainer

  • High-Converting Script
  • Studio-Quality Audio: Voice Over| Background Music | Sound Effects
  • HD Motion Graphic Animation: Full Color Illustrations | 100% Custom
  • Extra Benefits: Storyboard Design | Unlimited Revisions | Project Manager
  • Boost Your Sales, Sign-ups, ROI, & Brand Awareness

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Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, we handle only 2D animation and we have limited experience in creating 3D video animation. There are multiple types of videos that we can handle: Character Animation | Motion Graphics Video (Infographics style) | Kinetics Typography | Stop Motion Animation |  Whiteboard Animation  | Screencast Video |  Learning & Development Videos | Footage Montage Videos

It usually depends on your intended use of the video. We recommend, that videos created for marketing communication and product explainer videos should be restricted to less than 120 seconds. However, if you would want to use a video for training purposes then the duration can be as long as your content.

Delivery timelines depend upon the type of video and the duration of the video you need. A simple 60-90 second whiteboard or a motion graphics animation video will require approx. 3 weeks for execution whereas a character animation video may require 3 to 4 weeks for execution. Rushing up a video production process may impact the quality of the video negatively.

The charges depend on the style of the video you need and the concept that you have in mind. The charges for a simple montage video or a screencast video may be very less as compared to a more complex character animation or a motion graphics video.

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