Lohri Invitation eCard

Lohri Invitation eCard

About Lohri

India is a country of vibrant & diverse culture. It is also called a country of lively festivals. May it be Holi, the festival of colors or Diwali, the festivals of lights. Every occasion has its special significance in everybody’s life. Lohri is one of these special events. With the start of New year the first festival occurring is Lohri celebration. Moreover, Lohri is basically a Punjabi folk festival celebrated widely in northern part of Indian subcontinent at the end of winters.

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Furthermore Significance

“Lohri” is celebrated for many reasons the prominent among them is the arrival of harvesting season. People celebrated in 13th January every year when winters start to shun and it signifies the coming of long warm days. Geologically, the position of the sun is changing in those days resulting summer solstice. As well as, It signifies the welcome of long warm days & the worship of Agni, the god of fire.

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Historical Background

In many areas of Punjab a story of Dulla Bhatti is famous who was a famous dacoit in Mughal era. He rescued many hindu girls from Mughals. He adopted two girls named sundri & mundri. On the occassion of lohri a song is sung by gang of children:-
Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicharaa ho!
Dullah bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!

Present Day Celebrations

We all are know that with the start of New year the first festival occurring is Lohri celebration. It is widely celebrated by Sikh and Hindu community nowadays for many reasons. Those families in whose home a new baby has born make it a special occasion and memorable day to be celebrated. Newly wedded couple also celebrate their first lohri as to welcome the new member in family. New clothes are worn by the couple and gifts are exchanged among them. It is just another day to celebrate life. Another reason to be thankful for every positive thing and bonfire of lohri burns all the negativity of surrounding and make everything vibrant and lively.

As well as, People distribute sweets called “Rewri” and peanuts  etc. among their relatives and enjoy the last winter night.

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