How to Get a WhatsApp Green Badge/Tick

Given that WhatsApp stands out as one of the extensively utilized messaging applications, businesses, regardless of their size, stand to gain advantages by incorporating it into their marketing strategies. The presence of a green tick beside your WhatsApp display name serves as a symbol of trust and authenticity for your brand. This article delves into the process of acquiring a green tick badge adjacent to your WhatsApp display name, shedding light on the benefits it can bring to your business.

Advantages of Having a WhatsApp Green Badge/Tick

WhatsApp is expanding API integration accessibility for a broader range of companies. The WhatsApp API integration offers many businesses the opportunity to obtain the coveted green tick verification. Securing the verified badge alongside your business name brings several advantages:

  1. Elevated Trust and Credibility: The badge serves as a symbol of authenticity and reliability to users, fostering increased trust and engagement.
  2. Augmented Brand Visibility: With the Green Badge accompanying your business name in chats and search results, visibility is enhanced, leading to greater discoverability.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Enjoy improved customer interactions through access to advanced business features such as catalog sharing and automated messages, contributing to an enriched customer experience.

Eligibility WhatsApp Green Badge

To attain the prestigious WhatsApp Green Badge, which signifies an officially verified business account, your company must satisfy specific eligibility criteria and undergo a thorough verification process. Here’s a breakdown of the essential requirements:

Mandatory Criteria

  1. WhatsApp Business API Account: The Green Badge application is exclusive to businesses utilizing the WhatsApp Business API, managed through a Business Solution Provider (BSP). Regular WhatsApp Business app accounts are not eligible.
  2. Facebook Business Verification: Your business must undergo verification via Facebook Business Manager. This step establishes the legitimacy and online presence of your business.
  3. Two-Step Authentication (2FA): Enhance the security of your account by enabling Two-Step Authentication, showcasing adherence to robust security practices.
  4. Registered Business: Sole proprietorships or individual businesses do not qualify for the Green Badge. Your business entity must be legally registered.

Additional Considerations

  1. Messaging Tier: Although not a strict requirement, striving for a Tier 2 or higher standing in the WhatsApp Business API messaging tier (based on message volume and engagement) can positively influence your application.
  2. Organic Press Coverage: Gaining recognition in reputable media outlets through organic coverage, beyond paid advertising, can bolster your case for verification.
  3. Brand Reputation and Search Frequency: A well-established brand with significant online visibility increases the likelihood of approval. A positive brand reputation and high search frequency contribute positively to your application.

Distinction Between a Regular Business Account and an Official Business Account

The primary distinction between a standard WhatsApp Business account and an Official Business account revolves around the verification process and the associated advantages:

Regular Business Account

Default status: Any business setting up a WhatsApp Business app is automatically assigned this status.

Features: Provides access to fundamental tools such as labels, product catalogs, and greetings.

Visibility: The business name is only visible when users add the number to their contacts.

No verification: Does not undergo a special verification process, and no green checkmark is applied.

Official Business Account

Verified status: Requires approval from WhatsApp after meeting specific eligibility criteria (discussed in my previous response).

Enhanced features: Offers additional tools like label filtering, automated messages, and comprehensive business statistics.

Increased visibility: The business name is accompanied by a green checkmark in chats and search results, even for users who are not in the contact list.

Trust and credibility: The green badge signifies authenticity, fostering user trust in the business.

Improved customer experience: The enhanced features facilitate more effective communication and engagement with customers.

Feature Regular Business Account Official Business Account
Status Default for any business Verified by WhatsApp
Features Basic business tools Enhanced business tools and analytics
Visibility Name visible only to contacts Name and green checkmark visible to everyone
Verification No verification Verified through Facebook Business Manager and WhatsApp review
Benefits Basic communication and organization Increased trust, brand visibility, and improved customer experience

How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Badge

Applying for the WhatsApp green badge, currently known as “Meta Verified,” involves different steps depending on your setup. Here’s a breakdown:

For businesses:

1. Prerequisites:

  • WhatsApp Business API account: You need a paid WhatsApp Business API account, not the free app. Signup happens through Business Solution Providers (BSPs) like Wati, 360dialog, or AiSensy.
  • Facebook Business Manager verification: Your business must be verified on Facebook Business Manager, associated with your API account.
  • 2-Step Authentication: Enable 2-Step Authentication on your WhatsApp Business account for added security.
  • Business requirements: Be a registered business (not individuals), maintain good messaging practices with a Tier 2 or above messaging level, and have at least 3 organic positive press mentions (paid PR doesn’t count).

2. Application process:

  • Contact your BSP: Each BSP has their own process for initiating the “Meta Verified” application. It may involve submitting additional documents or completing specific steps within their platform.
  • Review and approval: WhatsApp reviews applications within 30 days and informs you of their decision via email.

For individuals:

1. Join the Waitlist: Currently, “Meta Verified” for individual WhatsApp accounts is only available through a waitlist. You can join by visiting the relevant pages in the WhatsApp Business app or Facebook Business Manager.

  • Limited availability: Only a limited number of individuals will be granted “Meta Verified” initially. Eligibility criteria aren’t fully documented yet, but public figures, influencers, and businesses with a significant online presence are likely to be prioritized.

General tips:

  • Ensure your business information is accurate and complete on all platforms.
  • Provide excellent customer service through WhatsApp to build a positive reputation.
  • Be patient, as the verification process can take time.

Remember, things are evolving with “Meta Verified” being a new feature. Stay updated on WhatsApp’s official announcements and check with your BSP for the latest information.

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