Happy Valentine’s Day Special Wish With Special Way to Surprise

Happy Valentine’s Day Special Wish With Special Way to Surprise

Happy Valentine’s Day Special Wish With Special Way to Surprise Happy Valentine’s Day Special Wish With Special Way to Surprise

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Feb 14, the day when couples through the globe celebrating Valentine’s Day. That day they shared the love via celebrations, outings, dating, and gifts. That day presenting gifts from the shop is excellent. But do it on yourself and made the gift yourself for your loved him/her. Gifts made by you will give a personal touch, and it feels m romantic. But not everyone is master of crafting, and some of them don’t know what to craft for them. And some people have planned to create Valentine’s Day card but don’t have any idea what to do with it? So here are some useful DIY Valentine’s Day gifts and cards.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a more personal and romantic gift for your valentine, do it by yourself. These are some great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

1. Jar of messages

Jar of messages DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

A jar decorated with ribbons and color papers withholding your words of love is one of the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. It was an excellent decorative item that catches his eye every time passes through this and keeps you remembered. The messages you wrote in the paper tells every time about your love for him. You can decorate the jar with glitter, color paper, and ribbons.

2. Homemade cupcakes

Homemade cupcakes DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Cupcakes are sweet, and delicious heart-shaped cupcakes can make you close to his heart.  Bake chocolate-flavored muffins are present to him for this valentine’s day. These heart-shaped cupcakes can put an arrow on your valentine’s heart. Not only taste, but the aroma of the cake also cakes them so delicious. Present them to your darling and put them on a happy face.

3. Personalized photo frames

Personalized photo frames DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Craft frame and put the photo of your first dating or the day of the proposal inside the frame. That’s going to be a more personal and heart-catching gift of all time. Craft frames that cannot you buy on the stores and websites. Use sprays and color paints to made different compositions of colors to make it look awesome. Try to make heart shape frames to get more attractions. Seriously this is going to be one of the excellent gifts ever you presented for valentine’s day.

4. Custom beer bottles

Custom beer bottles DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Gift your favorite person’s favorite drink holding your love messages. Add your love messages on a label and stick them in the beer bottles. It was one of the best gifts for men. Print your quotes or particular messages to each of the bottles, so each of them can deliver each happy wishes.

5. Wire love ring

Wire love ring DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

A simple piece of flexible wire can hold your love on their fingers. Craft a ring of wire with love wordings and present it to her. Maybe she won’t wear it every day, but she is going to love it. A gold or diamond ring may be costly, but you can’t craft it by yourself with your love. A true love that needs real care doesn’t want expensive gifts. A simple but efficient gift like this can satisfy her.

6. Love rocks

Love rocks DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Can we use the stones from the river shores? Yes, we can. Draw heart shapes or something you want to express on the rocks with colors. It’s going to be a good gift for your valentine. It’s good to show your artistic skills to your girlfriend and the gift going to decorate her table in the room or hall. You can found rocks on different sizes in shores and use them to craft your gift for this Valentine’s Day.

7. Breakfast on bed

Breakfast on bed DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you want to surprise her in the morning? Prepare breakfast for her and serve this on her bed. It’s going to gain many impressions from her. Decorate the plate with little heart with ketchup and arrows of French fries. How much the decoration looks adorable, conveys your love for her that much. Bring breakfast to gain appreciation from her on Valentine’s Day.

8. Classic love letter

Classic love letter DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

A love letter is a traditional way to convey your love. The crafting a love letter wasn’t that much hard, but that’s going to be an efficient presentation for Valentine’s Day. A love letter does not always need to be a white paper with words. Decorate them as much as you can with color papers and glitter. Add some poetries and quotes to exclaim your love. She is going to keep it till she has the memory of you.

9. Hand pop-up card

Hand pop-up card DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Put your hand on a folded chart, and mark your hand lines. Then cut it out.  Here you got a hand-shaped pop-up card for your Valentine’s Day. Please write your message inside the card and stick some stickers on it. It’s more creative and productive. You can also attach your photograph inside it or attach a ring inside it using a piece of the chart.

10. Lollipop butterfly card 

Lollipop butterfly card  DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Fold a chart paper and draw a half heart shape vertically. Now cut it out, and you got the way of butterfly wings. Then cut a piece of chart paper and stick it in the middle of the wings. Here you can attach a lollipop, and it looks like a butterfly. You can write your messages and quotes on the wing of the butterfly. If you want to decorate more,  stick some stickers on it. Here is your lollipop butterfly Valentine’s Day card is ready.

Crafting is an art and its effect when you craft something for your loved ones. No more shopping for gifts for your valentine and do it yourself. Abound the precious gifts from the shop and create some new adorable gifts. Celebrating Valentine’s Day and gifting now become traditional among the youngsters. So why are you gifting something old for decades?  Gift some new DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.


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