Get a First Look at Facebook’s New Pages Layout 2020

Get a First Look at Facebook’s New Pages Layout 2020

Get a First Look at Facebook’s New Pages Layout 2020

Wanna check Get a First Look at Facebook’s New Pages Layout 2020 ?

Facebook is at it again, making bold changes to the Facebook Pages layout.

We first noticed the changes last Friday (July 22, 2016) and immediately realized that Facebook is rolling out these changes a little differently than normal. Often, when Facebook debuts a new design, they do it page by page, but it appears that this time around Facebook is rolling out the changes on a user by user basis — or perhaps they’re just testing the new layout? Some people at Short Stack have the new page layout but some still have the “old” view.

There’s no official word from Facebook about when the changes will roll out to all users, or if what we are seeing is even the final version of the new layout, but here’s a sneak peek at what may be coming.

And don’t worry, as soon as we know anything more about the new layout, including new recommended sizes for images, we’ll update this post!

Get a First Look at Facebook’s New Pages Layout 2020 Here’s what we’re looking at today:


1. Cleaner cover photo

On on new view, Facebook has removed the logo from the cover image territory. For inspiration on creating an awesome cover photo.

2. “Logo” image has moved to left-hand column

On the ShortStack Page, the logo is also slightly bigger than it was before (though we were able to reuse an existing image without any issues)

3. More Page Tabs are visible

Page tabs appear under the logo, and on our page, every single tab was listed (we have since removed a few!).

4. Like, Message and Share Buttons have moved

Along with the page tab links, the “Like, Message and Share” buttons have also moved underneath the cover image, positioned to the left.

5. Call-to-Action button is bigger (and has moved)

Perhaps one of the biggest, and most exciting changes is that the call-to-action buttons have moved and are more visible. Call-to-action buttons on the new layout can be found underneath the tab links. The CTA button includes, “Book now,” “Call Now,” “Shop Now,” “Watch Video,” “Request Appointment,” and “Send Email,” plus a few more.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.39.37 AM

6. Business categories are more prominent

Businesses can choose from one of 27 categories.

7. The search bar lets you search for posts from the page.

8. The About section appears on the right

The “About” section used to blend in with other callouts for Videos. Now it’s in its own category on the right-hand sidebar. Ours includes our getting started video. 

9. Your most important apps appear on the right, with images.

While there is a long list of tabs/apps listed on the left, the three that you want to highlight are listed on the right.

Okay, those are the highlights. Keep an eye on this post and as soon as we learn more, we’ll give you the scoop.

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