Effectiveness of Video Banners in Advertisements Digital Marketing

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Effectiveness of Video Banners in Advertisements

Hey! are you looking Effectiveness of Video Banners in Advertisements Digital Marketing.The video banner ads format is becoming more and more popular with marketers. This demand is because the video format is much more likely to capture and hold the consumer’s attention.

Used effectively, videos can comprise an integral element in a display ad, providing the ad a richness that users generally respond to far better than with static ads.

A well-executed video ad can be an important foot in the door for a user to engage more extensively with brand content.

Online video ads are getting three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats (mobile, display, and rich media ads).

What is a Video Banner?

I was so caught up in explaining the market; I didn’t address more rudimentary questions.

There are three types of video ads:

  1. Firstly, Rich media display ads, which are usually embedded in content
  2. Secondly, Ads that are actually videos,
  3. Finally, The In-Stream Video Ads.

Are Online Video Ads better than the traditional TV Ads?

Obviously, a great load of advertisers is taking advantage of this ad format and that is reflected in their behavior. The average user is now watching the same amount of online video as they are watching traditional broadcast TV.

Consequently, they are watching the same amount of ads as they were watching TV. However, the advantage of online video is its trackability, different from the TV.

Why Video Banners?

The advertising field is constantly evolving. You probably heard this a million times, but it is true. Video Banner provides higher-than-average click-through rates, leading to more traffic to your online offerings. Your video promotes your company as a thought leader and educates professionals on your products and industry expertise. Displaying Video Banner at store/shop home page as banner and attract store visitor. Video inspire purchases and boost conversions.

For now, you should definitely give In banner video advertising a try. If you don’t feel determined enough by our facts, please have a look on below given video banners, who might change your mind.

Benefits of Video Banner:

Brand Awareness

Strengthens your company image by aligning your message with targeted content, helping to create an affinity for your company and products among industry professionals.

Increase Traffic

Pushes industry professionals to your website as well as other online offerings to learn more by providing clear calls to action.

More Lead Generation

Generates leads from a targeted audience or the audience that matters for your business/ industry/ brand professionals when you design conversion pages.

Things need to keep in consideration:

Video file must be small

Video length and resolution factor into the video file size should be taken in consideration.  It is always best to reduce the sizes of images, video and audio before producing your video because it will speed up production and you won’t need to compress the final video as much to reach the desired file size. Large video files take longer to load and can cause the video to pause mid-stream, depending on the visitor’s connection. One way to keep videos short is to choose content that loops seamlessly, which makes the video seem longer but takes up less space.

Content with smooth transitions

When you choose a video, pay attention to transitions to avoid quick cuts and excessive panning. Videos that appear to jump around catch the eye and can be jarring.

Text Contrast

Keep your background video compatible with your site’s styles, especially the color of any text you place over it. Ensure visitors can read your text at all points during the video.

Tell your story

Telling stories through video is a highly-effective way to build excitement, inform As well As entertain, educate and motivate your audience. When done correctly, your story can evoke emotion and create a memorable experience which not only raises the profile of your brand or product but also drives clicks from consumers who want to know more about the product and ultimately make a purchase.


Make sure you use an ad network that has excellent targeting and retargeting options, this way you can align your video banner content with relevant user interests and websites in order to improve the impact of your media buying.

Keep Timings In Mind

Knowing what time that your audience will watch your video ads will help you better optimise your targeting. Online video consumption peaks in the evening when consumers are browsing sites for entertainment.

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