Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software in India

Reaching out to your target audience quicker than ever is now possible.Today many business owners have started migrating from SMS & Text Marketing on their prospects mobile with using tools like WhatsApp Marketing Panel, Facebook and other such similar messaging applications in order to communicate with their customers, prospects, and leads.

There are so many companies who have realized the importance of using WhatsApp as a marketing channel to help them reach out to 1000s and millions of prospects, customers, and clients without any credit recharges.

A lot of marketers realized that there can be a market for WhatsApp marketing which can allow brands, businesses, both small & large. But the question is, “How they can start utilizing this powerful medium to market their products & service or brand?” The best answer for this is –BULK WHATSAPP MARKETING SOFTWARE. This is desktop based Whatsapp marketing software. You can download this to your desktop and directly send messages to Whatsapp numbers without saving these. This software has one of the most advanced and WhatsApp look-alike features that you can expect out of an Automation tool for sending Bulk WhatsApp marketing messages. You can send text, images and videos using this tool.


  • Send Individual Messages.
  • No need to save the numbers.
  • Create Contact List in excel format.
  • Add Unlimited Contacts.
  • Inbuilt Whatsapp Number Filter
  • Get Report
  • This will send messages to the Whatsapp numbers only, no need of Whatsapp number filtration.
  • Delete Uploaded contacts.
  • Send Anonymous SMS Without Registration.
  • Send messages to all WhatsApp platforms (Android, iPhone, and others)
  • Send Unlimited Free Text Messages, Images and Video.
  • No Need to Buy Credit SMS everytime.
  • Receive replies directly on the number.
  • You can see the delivery from your own whatsapp.
  • Transparent Whatsapp SMS delivery.
  • Image+text together
  • Video+text together
  • License Valid for One Year.
  • Send message worldwide.
  • Don’t need Android emulators!!!
  • Easy to use online panel.
  • Just Signup with email id and a key
  • Set Profile Picture on number.
  • White Labelled panel.
  • Sender Id will be your Whatsapp number.

Pricing Options

  • Trial version is available: Free of cost
  • You can send 10 Whatsapp SMS in trial version every time.
  • Delivery will be 100% to WhatsApp numbers.
  • Before “Buy” please “Try” Demo/trial software.
  • Software will expire in 1 year after purchase.

Domo Software Download Here:

Whatsapp Bulk SMS Software

Price and Packages for Whatsapp Software:

1 PC license Key
Price = $65(USD)

2 PC license Key
Price = $120(USD)

3 PC license Key
Price = $150(USD)

For Report: Goto File Location of new contact file (On Desktop) after installation, you will find last report folder

For more information please feel free to contact on +91 73073-73074 or drop an email to admin@pacewalk.com

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