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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Mohali

Bulk SMS is the distribution of large numbers of SMS for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by big organizations, Tech Giants, enterprises, banks, and consumer brands for a variety of purposes which includes software marketing, sharing product information, entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing. A defining characteristic of Bulk SMS is that businesses and organizations can make use of one or more solutions to send and receive targeted messages over a large number of clients in just one click! Our company provides you affordable Bulk SMS packages with additional services to foster your business in a short period of time in Mohali. Bulksms for School are easy to personalize. It has a great advantage that Files can also be attached to them whether it is PDF files, Presentations, Photographs, and many related files. It ensures Real-time delivery to a large number of customers. Bulk SMS Mohali can be sent through different media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Our esteemed organization is dedicated to serving you the best of digital services.

Promotional Bulk SMS

SMS which is used for Marketing or Promotions is called Promotional SMS. PACEWALK Bulk SMS Chandigarh is one of the cheapest marketing solutions. You can spread your brand, product, or any offer within a second in a single click. SMS Marketing is used for Brand Promotion, Product Marketing, General Awareness, Event Publicity, Vote Appeal or Election Campaign, etc. We offer an ideal Promotional Bulk SMS service to your business that can directly generate sales and leads for your organization. A promotional message is a gateway to drive crazy benefits for your brand. All that matters is the content you send to your audience to educate them about your offer, product, or services. We believe that promotional SMS works as a bingo to brands.

Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional SMS has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. PACEWALK Provides you affordable Transactional SMS in Chandigarh India. These SMS extensively used by several companies for promotion, marketing, and other purposes. Transaction SMS is used for sending alert SMS to the recipient. Marketing content is strictly prohibited.
Transactional SMS service is mainly used for direct interaction between business & consumer. TRAI introduced this category to limit unsolicited communication. The content of SMS decides its category, usually transactional SMS are such messages that contain informative content: like banks update their registered customers about the transaction, updating about account balance, etc.

BulkSMS Features:

  • Six letter alphabets Sender I’d
  • No time limitation 24×7 Delivery
  • Contact management
  • API Configuration
  • Quick delivery reports
  • Send SMS in English or any Indian regional languages
  • Schedule your SMS for future Date & Time
  • Instant delivery
  • Unlimited Validity
Instant Delivery
Instant Delivery

All messages will get delivered instantly once submitted Campaigns.

API Integration
API Integration

API Integration for websites & web applications & software for OTP purposes.

100% Delivery Reports
100% Delivery Reports

Get all detailed reports with Delivered, Undelivered & Expired Status for each no.

Unlimited Sender IDs
Unlimited Sender IDs

Unlimited Sender IDS activation facilities are there for different products & branches.

There are many more things you can think of and do with our Bulk SMS Services.

 So, don’t wait. Test our services now and start sending Bulk SMS right away. Plan your Bulk SMS-based campaign and move your business aggressively.

Not Any Hidden Charge
Choose Your Pricing Plan

Promotional & Transactional Bulk SMS


  • 10000 SMS
  • 1 Year Validity
  • 20 p. / SMS
  • Contact Upload through CSV, Excel, Notepad File



  • 25000/- SMS
  • 1 Year Validity
  • 18 p. / SMS
  • Contact Upload through CSV, Excel, Notepad File



  • 50000 SMS
  • Unlimited Validity
  • 16 p. / SMS
  • Contact Upload through CSV, Excel, Notepad File



Super Saver

  • 100000 SMS
  • Unlimited Validity
  • 15 p. / SMS
  • Contact Upload through CSV, Excel, Notepad File










Some extra features that make messaging easier:

· Provide Free SMS API’s
· Unicode Messaging (Hindi, Punjabi & Other Languages)
· Upload Contacts through CSV, Excel, Notepad file
· Real-Time Delivery Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

BulkSMS services are vastly used across the globe to viral any kind of news, information, product, brand, or service to any individuals or various groups of people.

Absolutely Yes!! We do provide such facilities to our buyers & clients. Before buying our services we give you details of our dummy account. You can easily log into it and test how our services will work for you.

It’s easy; we will provide all delivery details of the sent SMS in your account itself.

If any issues are caused due to SMSC or SMS pushed on any DND numbers, we will credit that much SMS in your account within 48 hours. We are not responsible for any issues caused by 3rd party.

At a time you can send 1 lakh SMS.

Yes! Following TRAI rules while sending BulkSMS is important else you will get punished and we @ IndiaSMS strictly follow TRAI guidelines.

Only transactional ones, Promotional SMS can’t be pushed on DND numbers in any circumstances. If any organization will do it intentionally or accidentally, it will be penalized 25000 INR per SMS by TRAI.

Yes, we do provide HTTP & XML API to use in our premade software along with the documentation on how to integrate it with your software.

The role of API is to provide an interface between different software systems. Bulk SMS API is the quickest way of delivering SMS to the intended recipient’s cell phones. API is of several types including general API and specific API.

Test our services by Registering for a Demo Account

We offer you a completely FREE Demo Account so that you can try our services. Simply register online by filling below form or contact us through Email and we will set up a Free and Full Functional Demo Account for you.

Please provide a valid Email Id and Mobile Number. Your account details will be sent to you by Email and SMS. 10 SMS credits will be added in the Free Demo Account. Additional free credits can be requested later if required.

    Committed to Delivering The Best Bulk SMS Service.

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    It has come to our attention that an individual named Priya Kulkarni, claiming to be an HR representative from Pacewalk, is using our company name to scam people through WhatsApp messages. This person is asking for Google reviews or YouTube subscribers in exchange for payment, which is completely fraudulent.
    I, Shekhar Jain, MD of PACEWALK Digital Marketing Company, Chandigarh, inform you that these scammers are operating from Bihar and are not associated with us in any way. If you receive any WhatsApp messages from someone offering part-time jobs or requesting reviews/subscribers, please be aware that this is a scam.
    For those verifying with us, please note that any contact regarding Priya Kulkarni or any other person asking about part-time jobs is fake, and the provided employer ID card is also fake. We urge you to report such numbers as scams on WhatsApp.
    For any further inquiries, please contact our official number: 7307373074 .
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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