Birth Announcement Video Sample For Baby Girl/Boy


Birth Announcement Video Sample For Baby Girl/Boy

Parents of a newborn often want to shout their joyful news from the rooftops.Birth Announcement Video Sample For Baby Girl/Boy. Well, we’re proposing a different way to spread the news — one that doesn’t involve heights or noise complaints.

You guessed it: we’re talking about a video birth announcement to celebrate and show off the arrival of your baby. Not only will your friends and family who are waiting anxiously for a first glimpse of the baby thank you for it, but you’ll also have the video as a keepsake to look back on for years to come. If you are looking for best birth announcement video then this is right place. We at, we are making perfect birth announcement of your prince and princes. There is hard and fast rule to making a birth announcement. You have to give us just detail and images of new born baby boy/girl.

Reasons to get a Birth announcement animated video:-

  • Get Wow impression from your Guest
  • Make a real impression on your guest with a beautiful animated video to announce your Birthday. Wow factor guaranteed!
  • Be Original & Unique
  • Stand out from the crowd and set your Birthday apart from all the others with a unique and original way to invite your guest.
  • Create a Sensation on Social Media
  • Share your video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or WhatsApp and make your Birth announcement THE event people are talking about!
  • Be Eco-Friendly: Go Paperless
  • Our animated videos are a greener environmental friendly alternative to traditional paper stationary. Let’s save the world together!
  • Save Money & Time
  • No more unit cost per invite, no more post fees, no more manual customization.
  • Get Single video for all your guests and share it in Single click!
  • We have successfully delivered our “Animated Birth announcement” all over the world and waiting to deliver to your country also.

Birth Announcement For Baby Boy | VG-804

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Birth Announcement For Baby Girl | VG-804

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